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We present a FPGA-synthesizable version of the Intel Nehalem processor core, synthesized, partitioned and mapped to a multi-FPGA emulation system consisting of Xilinx Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 FPGAs. To our knowledge, this is the first time a modern state-of-the-art x86 design with the out-of-order micro-architecture is made FPGA synthesizable and capable of(More)
OBJECT The purpose of this study was to establish a cadaveric model for evaluating cervical spine motion in both the intact and injured states and to examine the efficacy of commonly used stabilization techniques in limiting that motion. METHODS Intubation was performed in fresh human cadavers with intact cervical spines, following the creation of a C4-5(More)
Cultures of endothelial (En) cells derived from human brain microvessels were established in order to characterize adhesion molecule expression and to assay the adhesion properties of neoplastic cell lines to monolayers of En cells. Low constitutive expression of beta1 integrin (CD29), and ICAM-2 (CD102) was detected on human brain microvessel En cells. The(More)
and one more to arrive this winter. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am enormously grateful to the many brilliant, caring, and truly remarkable people who have encouraged and supported me in my pursuit of a Ph.D. Without their help, I would never have finished this dissertation. I am grateful to my advisor, Trevor Mudge, for supporting and guiding me through the(More)
To characterize the sonographic appearance of the abdominal organs in primates, a program of routine imaging and diagnostic evaluation was undertaken. Compound B-mode methodology with bistable and grey scale machines was employed utilizing a 2.25- to 3.5-MHZ transducer focused at 7 cm. Visualization of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney and of(More)