Jim Braatz

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A BIST method to measure jitter without external references is presented. Measured data from 0.25-µm BiCMOS chips show jitter resolution about 30 to 50 ps over 8 cycles of a 1 GHz input signal. 1. Introduction Data communication systems and microprocessor speeds are moving into the GHz range. With the increase in data rates, it is becoming more difficult to(More)
Having conducted a search for the λ∼1.3 cm (22 GHz) water vapor line towards galaxies with nuclear activity, large nuclear column densities or high infrared luminosities, we present H2O spectra for NGC 2273, UGC 5101, and NGC 3393 with isotropic luminosities of 7, 1500, and 400 L⊙. The H2O maser in UGC 5101 is by far the most luminous yet found in an(More)
Mainly due to computational limitations, past protein molecular dynamics simulations have rarely been extended to 300 psec; we are not aware of any published results beyond 350 psec. The present work compares a 3000 psec simulation of the protein ubiquitin with the available x-ray crystallographic and solution NMR structures. Aside from experimental(More)
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