Jim Blasingame

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Observations on 54 patients present circumstantial evidence of a relationship between an underlying spinal ossifying diathesis and the heterotopic bone formation following total hip arthroplasty. This relationship should be investigated in a larger patient population to determine whether a spine-hip diathesis exists and could account for some patients with(More)
The effects of single forearm arterial injuries with and without associated neurological injuries were studied. Fifty subjects were evaluated: seven patients with isolated arterial lacerations, 15 patients with isolated nerve lacerations, 13 patients with combined nerve and arterial injuries, and 15 control subjects. A series of noninvasive peripheral(More)
A technique for timing hand revascularization utilizing the Allen test was standardized in 800 hands of 400 control subjects. The average timed radial artery fill was 2.4 +/- 1.2 seconds. The average ulnar artery fill was 2.3 +/- 1.0 seconds. Seven per cent of ulnar arteries and 2% of radial arteries did not fill completely within 6 seconds. Ninety-one per(More)
In brief A high school girl had pain in her right shoulder when she played volleyball. X-rays revealed the cause: diffuse multiple loose calcifications throughout the synovium of the shoulder. The calcifications were removed arthroscopically, and a partial synovectomy of the shoulder joint was performed. The patient's prognosis was considered fair because(More)
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