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Pulsed electrodeposition of polyaniline (PANI) allows the fabrication of flexible, electrically conductive, nonwoven PANI-carbon nanotube (PANI-CNT) composite fabrics. They possess specific tensile strength and a modulus of toughness higher than that of aluminum matrix composites, titanium and aluminum alloys, steels, and many other structural materials.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Because minority physicians are more likely to practice in minority or medically underserved communities, meeting the health care needs of underserved populations requires that programs not only train such physicians but train minority faculty to act as teachers and role models. The Faculty Development Center in Family Medicine at(More)
A better understanding of water motion effects on nutrient uptake by marine crop plants should make it possible to farm the sea more effectively. Farms in China, Japan and the Philippines now grow plants on slack lines or nets that move with passing waves and currents. Nutrient uptake rates are increased onLaminaria farms in China by adding(More)
Materials that can perform simultaneous functions allow for reductions in the total system mass and volume. Developing technologies to produce flexible batteries with good performance in combination with high specific strength is strongly desired for weight- and power-sensitive applications such as unmanned or aerospace vehicles, high-performance ground(More)