Jim Armstrong

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i%s paper &scribes two approaches to the automatic genera.tion of behavioral VHDL modelsfiom descriptions written in natural language. Both approaches are based on a modeling style in which behavior is represented by a system of interconnected processes. The first approach employs a semantic gratmur to directly generate a single VHDL process from a(More)
Platform based design uses high speed embedded processors, FPGAs, and ASICs as targets for implementation of a system model. Application of this design approach to physical response modeling is described and results are given. The approach shows promise for providing a PC based simulation acceleration environment. A new modeling approach using a cascading(More)
he Bank of Canada is interested in developments in risk management at Canadian banks because of the critical role that banks play in the Canadian financial system. This report provides a brief overview of risk-management practices at Canadian banks. It is based, in part, on recent interviews conducted with some Canadian and foreign banks. The business of(More)
Introduction eports address specific issues of relevance to the financial system (whether institutions, markets, or clearing and settlement systems) in greater depth. Defined-benefit plans are by far the most important part of "pillar three" of Canada's retirement system, which includes employer-sponsored pension plans. 1 However, the future of(More)