Jim Armstrong

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i%s paper &scribes two approaches to the automatic genera.tion of behavioral VHDL modelsfiom descriptions written in natural language. Both approaches are based on a modeling style in which behavior is represented by a system of interconnected processes. The first approach employs a semantic gratmur to directly generate a single VHDL process from a(More)
This paper considers health in cities from the perspective of complex adaptive systems. This approach has a number of important implications for intervention that do not emerge in traditional accounts of cities and health. The paper reviews various accounts of the nature of cities and of health as well as the traditional urban health and Healthy Cities(More)
BACKGROUND The sural nerve is the most common nerve graft donor despite requiring a second operative limb and causing numbness of the lateral foot. The purposes of this study were to review our experience using nerve autografts in upper extremity nerve reconstruction and develop recommendations for donor selection. METHODS A retrospective case series(More)
In light of this exposure, banks have adopted sophisticated risk-management practices. Boards of directors now play a more active role in ensuring that risks are well understood and in overseeing risk exposure. They also ensure that management has appropriate strategies, systems, and controls in place to manage risk. Indeed, banks have adopted sophisticated(More)