Jim Arlow

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At British Airways, we have found during several large OO projects documented using the UML that non-technical end-users, managers and business domain experts find it difficult to understand UML visual models. This leads to problems in requirement capture and review. To solve this problem, we have developed the technique of Literate Modelling. Literate(More)
Software engineering environments SEE support the construction and maintenance of large-scale software systems. They integrate tools for the production and maintenance of documents such as requirements deenitions, architecture deenitions or user manuals. Very few SEE tools meet all the developers' requirements. Some requirements that are important in(More)
We report on the experimental application of process technology that we did at British Airways BA as part of the GOODSTEP project. The goal of GOODSTEP was to enhance and improve the functionality of an object database management system ODBMS to yield a platform suited to the construction of process-centred software engineering environments PSEEs. These(More)
A major challenge in adopting UML in industrial environments is the lack of accessibility and comprehensibility of some diagram types by non-technical stakeholders. Literate Modeling improves comprehension of these diagrams by adding narrative text, but lacks good tool support for synchronizing model and text. This paper presents an approach for keeping(More)
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