Jim A. Simpson

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The vertex Readiness Potential (RP) (Bereitschaftspotential) preceding self paced voluntary movements is reduced in duration and amplitude in patients with Parkinsonism. It cannot be used as an index for delayed initiation of movement. The negative potential is commonly replaced by a positive slow wave. In hemi-Parkinsonism, the abnormal RP is more apparent(More)
Twenty-one patients with myasthenia gravis underwent a course of plasma exchange combined with immunosuppressive therapy. In fifteen there was dramatic clinical improvement which has been maintained for periods up to 19 months. Nine of these patients now take no anticholinesterase drugs. Six patients had a recurrence 3--9 months after the first course but(More)
Anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody titres have been monitored in the sera of 19 myasthenic patients treated with plasma exchange combined with a three month period of immunosuppressive therapy. In general the post-exchange titres stabilised at below pre-exchange levels for prolonged periods which were associated with clinical improvement. In seven(More)
The quality and duration of control in two groups of parkinsonian patients under treatment with an L-dopa-based drug alone or L-dopa-based drug which has been partially substituted with bromocriptine are being compared over a 5-year period using a double-blind placebo-controlled study design. The aim is to establish whether early addition of bromocriptine(More)
There is no generalized disturbance of accommodation of peripheral motor axons in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Local sites of reduced accommodation are found proximally and distally with apparent correlation to spontaneous fasciculation. The possible mechanism of fasciculation provoked by acetylcholine is discussed and it is suggested that the local sites(More)
Fasciculation of muscle and repetitive response of single motor units to brief electric stimuli in diffuse demyelinative and focal (compression) neuropathies are associated with localised loss of accommodation of motor nerve fibres. The pathogenesis of spontaneous and triggered repetitive firing of neurones is discussed and it is proposed that the discrete(More)