Jim A. Harris

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Microorganisms have critical roles in the functioning of soil in nutrient cycling, structural formation, and plant interactions, both positive and negative. These roles are important in reestablishing function and biodiversity in ecosystem restoration. Measurement of the community indicates the status of the system in relation to restoration targets and the(More)
In cultured Lymnaea stagnalis neurons, osmolarity increases (upshocks) rapidly elicited large membranous dilations that could be dislodged and pushed around inside the cell with a microprobe. Subsequent osmolarity decreases (downshocks) caused these vacuole-like dilations (VLDs) to disappear. Additional upshock/downshock perturbations resulted in repeated(More)
One of the main pathways by which engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) enter the environment is through land application of waste water treatment plant (WWTP) sewage sludges. WWTP sludges, enriched with Ag and ZnO ENPs or their corresponding soluble metal salts during anaerobic digestion and subsequently mixed with soil (targeting a final concentration of 1400(More)
Neurons are often regarded as fragile cells, easily destroyed by mechanical and osmotic insult. The results presented here demonstrate that this perception needs revision. Using extreme osmotic swelling, we show that molluscan neurons are astonishingly robust. In distilled water, a heterogeneous population of Lymnaea stagnalis CNS neurons swelled to several(More)
Noma, or cancrum oris, is a debilitating necrotizing ulcerative stomatitis that destroys the mouth and face. It usually starts in early childhood and is associated with severe poverty, malnutrition, and infections. It is most frequently described from sub-Saharan Africa but is under-reported. There have been very few reports from Asia. We describe the(More)
The effect of i.v. Pitressin (ADH) in a dose of 1 U/hr on permeability characteristics and on absorptive capacity of the normal human small intestine was investigated. The method of continuous intestinal perfusion was employed with polyethylene glycol 4000 as a nonabsorbable marker. Unidirectional flux rates of Na and H(2)O were calculated from the(More)