Jim A. Crammond

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This paper defines an abstract machine for implementing the logic language Parlog on shared memory multiprocessors. A process oriented execution model is introduced that specifies the mechanisms needed to support Parlog’s control facilities and then the abstract machine is presented, which specifies data structures, the instruction set and basic operations(More)
This paper describes a technique for adapting the Morris sliding garbage collection algorithm to execute on parallel machines with shared memory. The algorithm is described within the framework of an implementation of the parallel logic language Parlog. However, the algorithm is a general one and can easily be adapted to parallel Prolog systems and to other(More)
As a step towards designing a computer architecture suitable for executing parallel logic languages, we have studied some memory management techniques proposed for creating multiple binding environments, which are required with ORparallelism. Three algorithms have been implemented using a Prolog-like interpreter and have been tried on some logic pro­ grams,(More)
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