Jiloris F Dony

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Chloroquine (CQ) remains the first line drug for the prevention and treatment of malaria in Malaysia in spite of the fact that resistance to CQ has been observed in Malaysia since the 1960s. CQ-resistance is associated with various mutations in pfcrt, which encodes a putative transporter located in the digestive vacuolar membrane of P. falciparum.(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the main public health problems in Sabah; 30% of the total number of TB cases reported in Malaysia every year occur in Sabah. The average incidence of TB among health care workers over the past 5 years is 280.4 per 100,000 population (1, Annual Report of Sabah State TB Control Programme, 1998). At present, there are no specific(More)
The objectives in this epidemiology review are to measure and report the extent of morbidity and mortality due to tuberculosis (TB), the proportion of new sputum smear positive cases in districts and the status of cohort analysis as of 1999. As for leprosy, the main objective is to determine morbidity and the treatment outcomes of Multiple Drug Therapy(More)
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