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This paper describes an uncertainty management method using generalized dynamic constraint networks (GDCN). Uncertainty of parameter in the concurrent and collaborative design is analyzed, and GDCN is presented to manage the uncertainty. Firstly, the model of GDCN including domain level constraints and knowledge level constraints is established. Secondly,(More)
Numerical simulation technology has been used widely in plastic forming area. However, the simulation of increasingly complex forming process leads to the generation of vast quantities of data, which implies much useful knowledge. Consequently domain knowledge is very significant to product design and process development in metal plastic forming area. The(More)
Knowledge-based engineering (KBE) and simulation analysis have been used widely in multidisciplinary concurrent and collaborative design process. However, the acquisition of knowledge keeps bottleneck yet in building knowledge base in KBE. In this paper, a framework of knowledge discovery from multidisciplinary simulation data is proposed. Correspondingly,(More)
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