Jillian R. Griffiths

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This project investigates the feasibility of the use o f user-satisfaction as a multidimensional evaluative construct of search engines. Search engine developments are reviewed to reveal a range of indexing and retrieval techniques that may assist casual users in the information retrieval task. Yet few evaluation studies have considered the impact of system(More)
IntroductIon E-learning requires continual evaluation and updating in a way that emphasizes 1) the goals of the organizations and 2) the goals of the users. Case studies are an effective method for the assessment of e-learning in terms of practical guide and points of good practices, whilst also addressing potential pitfalls to avoid. As such, the case(More)
Introduction Peter Brophy entered librarianship by a thoroughly unorthodox route. He was one of the first students to take the BSc. in Information Science developed by B. C. graduating in 1971. He then moved into full-time research on library problems at the Library Research Unit at the University of Lancaster Library before moving on in 1973 to library(More)
Acknowledgements The workshop was initiated by EU participants via the DELOS Network of Excellence for Digital Libraries, which is a framework for international cooperation on research activities and research agendas in the digital library domain. One of DELOS' most important activities is to sponsor workshops that bring together participants from multiple(More)
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