Jillian R. Griffiths

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This article reports results of two user studies of search engine use conducted to evaluate the United Kingdom’s national academic sector digital information services and projects. The results presented here focus on student searching behavior and show that commercial Internet search engines dominate students’ information-seeking strategy. Forty-five(More)
This project investigates the feasibility of the use of user-satisfaction as a multidimensional evaluative construct of search engines. Search engine developments are reviewed to reveal a range of indexing and retrieval techniques that may assist casual users in the information retrieval task. Yet few evaluation studies have considered the impact of system(More)
Traditionally, digitisation of cultural and scientific heritage material for use by the scholarly community has been led by supply rather than demand. The DiSCmap project commissioned by JISC in 2008, aimed to study what refocussing of digitisation efforts will suit best the users of digitised materials, especially in the context of the research and(More)
The work of the DELOS Network of Excellence Workgroup 2.1 on Digital Library Evaluation has produced a<lb>generic scheme for the classification of digital libraries. This scheme allows a wide range of library-types to be<lb>compared and can be used to develop metrics for cross-evaluation. The library classification and evaluation is shown<lb>to be analogous(More)
Everyone has to deal with fracturing of materials at one level or another, beginning from normal household chores and extending to the largest scale of observations reported for catastrophic events occurring on a geological level or even expanded to events in outer space. Such wide perspective is introduced in the current introduction of this theme issue.(More)
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