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BACKGROUND Health behavior interventions using periodic prompts have utilized technology, such as the Internet, that allows messages to be sent to participants in cost-effective ways. To our knowledge, no comprehensive evidence review has been performed specifically to evaluate the effectiveness of communicating regular messages and to examine how(More)
  • J Fry
  • 1976
An appreciation of the natural history of angina pectoris is important when deciding on the place of new and potentially dangerous forms of treatment. During 1950-1975, 268 patients with angina were diagnosed and followed up in my London general practice. The annual incidence, in adults over 40, was five per 1,000 and increased with age.During the period of(More)
Aquaponics, a combination of fish farming and soilless plant farming, is growing in popularity and gaining attention as an important and potentially more sustainable method of food production. The aim of this study was to document and analyze the production methods, experiences, motivations, and demographics of aquaponics practitioners in the United States(More)
BACKGROUND Lamivudine-resistant hepatitis B virus (HBV) is found in about 15-32% of infected patients with or without co-infection with HIV-1 after 1 year of lamivudine therapy. Adefovir dipivoxil is active in vivo and in vitro against wild-type and lamivudine-resistant HBV. We assessed the safety and efficacy of a once daily dose of adefovir dipivoxil in(More)
In this report, metabolically competent in vitro systems have been reviewed, in the context of drug metabolising enzyme induction. Based on the experience of the scientists involved, a thorough survey of the literature on metabolically competent long-term culture models was performed. Following this, a prevalidation proposal for the use of the collagen gel(More)