Jillian M. Bray

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Mesh-assisted hiatal closure during foregut surgery is increasing. Our aim was to evaluate the complications that follow revisional foregut surgery. Specifically, we compared surgical indications and perioperative outcomes between patients with and without prior hiatal mesh (PHM). We conducted an institutional review board (IRB)-approved retrospective(More)
BACKGROUND Component separation technique (CST) enables rectus abdominus medialization, but may cause wound complications. Few published outcomes exist involving laparoscopic CST. Our aim was to examine feasibility and outcomes involving open and laparoscopic (lap) CST during ventral incisional hernia repair (VIHR) and present an algorithm for ventral(More)
The effect of an intravenous injection of thiopental on middle cerebral artery blood velocities was assessed by transcranial pulsed Doppler monitoring in 20 children: ten head-injured patients and ten control subjects. Thiopental induced a moderate but immediate decrease of middle cerebral artery blood velocities in both groups; this variation was(More)
We undertook a prospective double-blind study of 128 carotid artery bifurcations using colour Doppler and duplex sonography and angiography. Sixty-four patients with cerebrovascular events were admitted for angiography. All underwent sonography within 24 h of angiography. Standard duplex sonography and colour Doppler imaging without spectral analysis were(More)
The relationship between intracranial pressure or cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP), cerebral blood flow, and brain energy failure is unpredictable throughout the development of acute intracranial hypertension. The purpose of the present study was to correlate intracranial pressure with cerebral blood flow velocities and brain energy metabolism in adult(More)
Many DFT studies of O(2) dissociation on Pt(111) give conflicting information on preferred paths and final states. Here we report large p(4 × 4) unit cell minimum energy pathway evaluations and compare O(2) adsorption and dissociated states on Pt(111). Calculations reveal how the pathways for O(2) dissociation starting from top-fcc-bridge, top-hcp-bridge,(More)
We report a first-principles, periodic supercell analysis of oxygen adsorption, diffusion, and dissociation at the kinked Pt(321) surface. Binding energies and binding site preferences of isolated oxygen atoms and molecules have been determined, and we show that both atomic and molecular oxygen prefer binding in bridge sites involving coordinatively(More)
Research on HIV viral loads and combination therapy was presented at the 35th Annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC). Research has shown that ten billion HIV particles are produced daily in an infected individual's body. The HIV particles live freely for about eight hours before infecting CD4 cells, which live for(More)