Jillian Ireland

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OBJECTIVES To explore staff views on their roles, skills and training to deliver high quality and local intrapartum services in remote and rural settings against national recommendations. DESIGN Interview and postal survey. SETTING A stratified representative sample of remote and rural maternity units in Scotland (December 2002 to May 2003). (More)
BACKGROUND Nepal has made significant progress with regard to reducing the maternal mortality ratio but a major challenge remains the under-utilisation of skilled birth attendants who are predominantly facility based. Studies have explored women's views of the barriers to facility birth; however the voices of staff who offer services have not been studied(More)
The development of a Community Mental Health Service for a multiethnic rural area by an academic psychology department clinical program was carried out for the purpose of providing relevant training for grauate students through realistic service functions. The population served was largely lower socioeconomic, and the available resources very limited. The(More)
Clients' expectations about mental health care, particularly differences in these expectations as a function of social class, and the relationship of discrepancies between expectations and perceptions to treatment outcome, is examined in this study with 317 Caucasian clients. In contrast to the majority of studies, no differences in treatment expectations(More)
If a measure of intelligence is culturally biased it is assumed that disadvantaged individuals will score lower on it than on a less biased instrument. The Cattell purports to be "culture fair" and it was compared to the WISC with a delinquent juvenile population, controlling for both order effects and individual administration. The results reveal(More)
Community mental health center (CMHC) outpatient clients' satisfaction and perceived problem improvement were assessed by telephoning 108 clients, representing 40% of clients discharged during the period under investigation. The CMHC's services were perceived positively, and most clients were satisfied with their therapy experience, found it helpful, and(More)
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