Jillian Gilmour

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ALH84001, a cataclastic cumulate orthopyroxenite meteorite from Mars, has been dated by Ar-Ar stepped heating and laser probe methods. Both methods give ages close to 3,900 Ma. The age calculated is dependent on assumptions made about 39Ar recoil effects and on whether significant quantities of 40Ar from the Martian atmosphere are trapped in the meteorite.(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing numbers of children are referred to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services because of disruptive behaviour. Recent reviews on the origins of conduct problems indicate that the most severe and persistent forms are found predominantly among males with a range of neurodevelopmental vulnerabilities, which are likely to have biological(More)
BACKGROUND Growth failure without organic aetiology but associated with behavioural disturbance and psychosocial stress has been termed psychosocial short stature. This condition is not a valid diagnostic entity, but encompasses failure to thrive, stunting secondary to chronic malnutrition, and idiopathic hypopituitarism. Some children show spontaneous(More)
Short children are often described as having psychosocial problems. These reports may be inaccurate as former studies have relied largely on parental report. Psychosocial functioning of short children was assessed with the aim of using them and their peers as informants. Twenty two short (mean (SD) height -2.53 (0.28) SD score) prepubertal children aged(More)
Major element contents of chondrite groups were volatility controlled and established in a nebula after formation of Ca-Al-rich inclusions but before chondrules formed. Elemental abundances in chondrules tend to correlate with chemical affinity. Calcium was fractionated from Al by a planetary, not a nebular process. Chondrules were contemporaneous with(More)
This work is part of a project to build an infrared database in order to link IR data of planetary materials (and therefore possible Mercury material) with remote sensing observations of Mercury, which will probably be obtained by the MERTIS instrument on the forthcoming BepiColombo mission.The unique achondrite Northwest Africa (NWA) 7325, which has(More)
Computer-mediated communication has become ubiquitous in the lives of today's youth. The current review synthesizes recent findings regarding adolescents' and young adults' online interactive self-disclosure, with a particular emphasis on the direct antecedents and effects. Three broad categories of predictors are discussed, including demographic(More)