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This paper discusses inter-related studies and development activities that address the significant challenges of implementing air traffic management initiatives in airspace impacted by thunderstorms. We briefly describe current thrusts that will improve the quality and precision of thunderstorm forecasts, work in progress to convert these forecasts into(More)
Cornell University, in collaboration with Jefferson Lab, has proposed a novel X-ray source based on the energy recovery linac (ERL) concept [1, 2]. Such a source will exceed the brightness of third generation synchrotron light facilities and will also allow ultra short X-ray pulses and variable pulse formats, to enhance existing, and promote new(More)
901 used in our analysis, and strong assumptions (but standard) have been made concerning the arrival and the departure processes. It is important to emphasize that all of these have been made to facilitate the mathematical analysis and do not limit the basic ideas presented in this paper. Furthermore, we also assumed honesty and compliance on the part of(More)
Service (CIS) has a vision for a Tennessee manufacturing industry that is characterized by innovative and prosperous businesses, high-quality jobs, and a safe and healthy workplace. CIS seeks to identify and facilitate growth among advanced manufacturing industries in order to promote the economic well-being and fiscal health of Tennessee. Fostering(More)
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