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OBJECTIVES Travellers are a minority population in Ireland and Great Britain, who have poorer health status than the general population. This study aims to investigate Traveller health service utilization and experiences of health service quality. METHODS Community-based census survey of all Traveller households on the island of Ireland in 2008 and 2009.(More)
BACKGROUND Professional-led cancer support groups can improve quality of life and address unmet needs, but most Canadians affected by cancer do not have access to or do not make use of cancer support groups. A collaborative interdisciplinary team developed, operated, and evaluated Internet-based, professional-led, live-chat support groups (osgs) for cancer(More)
Cyclic tetrapeptides are a class of natural products that have been shown to have broad ranging biological activities and good pharmacokinetic properties. In order to synthesise these highly strained compounds a ring contraction strategy had previously been reported. This strategy was further optimised and a suite of techniques, including the Edman(More)
OBJECTIVE One in three cancer patients will experience significant psychosocial distress, yet less than 10% will seek formal counseling. Who are the patients accessing counseling and what are their presenting needs? The purpose of this study was to identify referral patterns and psychosocial distress in cancer patients newly referred to a psycho-oncology(More)
Over the past three decades, there has been a noted increase in hostage and barricade incidents involving perpetrators with a variety of emotional, economic, and political motives. A hostage incident may be defined as an incident in which (a) perpetrator(s) hold(s) one or more persons against their will in a location known to police. A barricade incident,(More)
OBJECTIVE Counsellor familiarity and engagement with technology-mediated communication represents an important factor in the ability to implement support programs to cancer patients. This study describes the experiences of a cohort of expert psycho-oncology counsellors who learned to facilitate online support groups (OSGs) and identifies the important(More)
CancerChatCanada is a pan-Canadian initiative with a mandate to make professionally led cancer support groups available to more people in Canada. Although online support groups are becoming increasingly popular, little is known about therapist-led, synchronous groups using live chat. The purpose of this study was to generate a rich descriptive account of(More)
Of 28 788 women aged 40 to 74 registered at 28 university teaching practices in greater Belfast, half were randomly selected to receive a booklet on breast self-examination from their general practitioner at the start of the study and 1 year later. The frequency of breast abnormalities was identical in both groups (0.83%) during the 2-year follow-up. Early(More)
The World Health Organization (WHO) is moving forward in its drive to eradicate poliomyelitis and it believes that dracunculiasis can be eliminated by the year 2000. Leprosy, river blindness, Chagas disease, and filariasis can also be eliminated as public health problems within 10 years given the requisite additional investment. While WHO's international(More)