Jill R. Scott-Cawiezell

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OBJECTIVE This study sought to explore the relationship of workarounds related to the implementation of an electronic medication administration record and medication safety practices in five Midwestern nursing homes. DESIGN As a part of a larger study, this qualitative evaluation was conducted to identify workarounds associated with the implementation of(More)
OBJECTIVE There is growing political pressure for nursing homes to implement the electronic medical record (EMR) but there is little evidence of its impact on resident care. The purpose of this study was to test the unique and combined contributions of EMR at the bedside and on-site clinical consultation by gerontological expert nurses on cost, staffing,(More)
It appears that the implementation and use of a bedside electronic medical record in nursing homes can be a strategy to improve quality of care. Staff like using the bedside electronic medical record and believe it is beneficial. Information gleaned from this qualitative evaluation of four nursing homes that implemented complete electronic medical records(More)
Recommended Citation Kirkbride, Geri L.. "Exploring how nurses make sense of the safety features of smart infusion pump technology." PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) thesis, ii God has blessed me. This work is dedicated to my family. To my husband Tom, your unwavering support and love sustains me. To my beautiful sons (TK & David)-you have taught me so much about(More)
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