Jill Pohlman

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The present study compared successful and unsuccessful college foreign language learners on measures of intelligence, foreign language aptitude, native oral and written language, and math. Unsuccessful students had received petitions to waive the foreign language requirement. No significant differences between groups were found on intelligence and reading(More)
Research findings suggest that most students who have foreign language learning problems have language-based difficulties and, in particular, phonological processing problems. Authors of the present study examined pre- and posttest scores on native language and foreign language aptitude tests of three groups of at-risk high school students enrolled in(More)
This paper presents the results of a telephone survey of workers' compensation carriers, addressing how occupational therapy work programs can best meet these carriers' needs. Fifty percent of the market share of workers' compensation carriers in Michigan participated in the survey. Survey results indicated that workers' compensation carriers found(More)
As increasing numbers of colleges and universities require a foreign language for graduation in at least one of their degree programs, reports of students with difficulties in learning a second language are multiplying. Until recently, little research has been conducted to identify the nature of this problem. Recent attempts by the authors have focused upon(More)
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