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The building and functioning of a fully automated solid-phase sequencer is described. The peptide is coupled via its alpha-carboxyl end to activated glass beads and successively reacted with Chang's and Edman's reagents. All operations are electronically controlled by the automated programmer. All components necessary to build the machine are commercially(More)
A fully automated multichannel peptide synthesizer has been constructed which performs simultaneous and rapid assembly of peptides on a 20-200 mumol scale. In situ activation of amino acids using BOP or PyBOP was chosen to give an optimized coupling chemistry. Specially designed blocks of valves, with a zero dead volume combined with an original circuitry,(More)
938 27 FEBRUARY 2015 • VOL 347 ISSUE 6225 sciencemag.org SCIENCE P H O T O : © J O A N N A B P IN N E O I call myself a corrector,” says University o f C o l o r a d o g e n e t i c i s t C h r i s t o p h e r Korch. What Korch passionately wants to correct is the contamination of laboratory cell cultures, a problem that has bedeviled biomedical research(More)
Antimitochondrial autoantibodies are present in sera from close to 95% of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis. The so-called primary biliary cirrhosis-specific antigen, named M2, was found to be associated with an enzyme complex of the inner mitochondrial membrane and, more precisely, with the E2 component, dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase, of the(More)
We demonstrate that TFA deprotection of trityl-protected N-terminal asparagine is incomplete under normal conditions, resulting in low yields or impure products. This phenomenon does not occur if the asparagine is internal, nor for trityl-protected N-terminal glutamine. Studies on the deprotection of H Asn(Trt)OH show that the incomplete deprotection is due(More)
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