Jill M. Ray

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BACKGROUND Microarray technology has become highly valuable for identifying complex global changes in gene expression patterns. The effective correlation of observed changes in gene expression with shared transcription regulatory elements remains difficult to demonstrate convincingly. One reason for this difficulty may result from the intricate convergence(More)
The NH2-terminal domain (N-tail) of histone H3 has been implicated in chromatin compaction and its phosphorylation at Ser10 is tightly correlated with mitotic chromosome condensation. We have developed one mAb that specifically recognizes histone H3 N-tails phosphorylated at Ser10 (H3P Ab) and another that recognizes phosphorylated and unphosphorylated H3(More)
The metastasis associated 72-kDa type IV collagenase is secreted as a latent proenzyme which is converted to an active 62-kDa form by autoproteolytic removal of an amino terminal profragment. The region immediately upstream from the cleavage site contains a highly conserved peptide sequence, MRKPRCGNPDV, which is present in all known members of the matrix(More)
Based on anthropological evidence, MacAndrews and Edgerton state that drunken comportment consists of "time-out" behaviors, subject to the norms of drinking groups, the rewards of such socially licensed behaviors comprising the drinking motive. This perspective was applied to working-class bars in Middletown, Indiana. Although there was a wide range of(More)
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