Jill M. Berger

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Cancer today presents patients and their families with an on-going series of crises. A drop-in, open ended, professionally-run support group for cancer patients and their families is described as a means of crisis intervention for the mobilization and promotion of adaptive responses and movement away from maladaptive responses to the stresses of cancer.(More)
Developments in Radicalisation and Political Violence is a series of papers published by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR). It features papers by leading experts, providing reviews of existing knowledge and sources and/or novel arguments and insights which are likely to advance our understanding of(More)
Title of Document: MEASURING TEACHING PRACTICES: DOES A SELF-REPORT MEASURE OF INSTRUCTION PREDICT STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT? Jill M. Berger, M.A., 2010 Directed By: Professor Gary D. Gottfredson, Department of Counseling and Personnel Services Teachers affect student achievement. Measuring what makes teachers “effective” is a challenge without a clear definition(More)
Title of Document: INFLUENCE OF STUDENT PROBLEM BEHAVIOR AND TEACHER TOLERANCE ON STUDENT GRADES Katherine J. Bruckman, Master of Arts, 2010 Directed By: Professor, Gary Gottfredson, Counseling and Personnel Services The current study examines the influence of student problem behavior (as rated by teachers), teacher disposition to tolerate problem behavior,(More)
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