Jill K. Hamilton

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Aims While the disposition index provides a useful measure of B-cell function, its calculation requires the performance of a frequently sampled intravenous glucose tolerance test (FSIVGTT). Recently, the demonstration of a hyperbolic relationship between indices of insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity derived from the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)(More)
The utility of the disposition index as a measure of beta-cell compensatory capacity rests on the established hyperbolic relationship between its component insulin secretion and sensitivity measures as derived from the intravenous glucose tolerance test (IVGTT). If one is to derive an analogous measure of beta-cell compensation from the oral glucose(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether, in adolescents with type 1 diabetes, the addition of metformin to insulin and standard diabetes management results in 1) higher insulin sensitivity and 2) lower HbA1c, fasting glucose, insulin dosage (units per kilogram per day) and BMI. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS This was a randomized, placebo-controlled 3-month trial of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine in Canadian children aged <18 years the 1) incidence of type 2 diabetes, medication-induced diabetes, and monogenic diabetes; 2) clinical features of type 2 diabetes; and 3) coexisting morbidity associated with type 2 diabetes at diagnosis. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS This Canadian prospective national surveillance study involved a(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate (1) the pattern of post-operative weight gain and (2) the risk factors associated with the development of post-operative weight gain and obesity in children treated for craniopharyngioma. STUDY DESIGN The records of 43 children who had primary craniopharyngioma resection were reviewed. Neurological, endocrine, anthropometric and(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroid cancer (TC) is an uncommon childhood malignancy, but the incidence may be increasing. Recent American Thyroid Association guidelines focus primarily on adult data. Natural history studies of TC in childhood are important to determine outcomes. The objectives of this study were to describe the demographics and outcomes in children with TC(More)
BACKGROUND Colonoscopy has been adopted as the preferred method to screen for colorectal neoplasia in the United States. However, lesions can be missed because of numerous factors, including location on the proximal aspect of folds or flexures, where they may be difficult to detect with the forward-viewing colonoscope. The Third Eye Retroscope (TER) is a(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess traditional and non-traditional cardiovascular risk factors and to determine the prevalence and correlates of early vascular markers of atherosclerosis in paediatric systemic lupus erythematosus (pSLE). METHODS Fifty-four adolescents with pSLE had cardiovascular risk factor assessment, disease activity and vascular testing including(More)
BACKGROUND Craniopharyngioma (CP), a tumour occurring in the hypothalamic-pituitary area, results in morbid obesity in 25-60% of affected children. It has been suggested that abnormalities of insulin secretion and/or insulin action due to hypothalamic injury may be associated with weight gain and the metabolic syndrome in this population. AIM To evaluate:(More)
Metabolic control often worsens during the pubertal years in individuals with type diabetes mellitus (DM). This may be due in part to the developmental transition from dependency on parents to a more autonomous lifestyle. Adolescence is also marked by challenging of authority figures and previous ways of thinking, experimentation, and, in some female(More)