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The literature suggests that firms cannot be competitive if their business and information technology strategies are not aligned. Yet achieving strategic alignment continues to be a major concern for business executives. A number of alignment models have been offered in the literature, primary among them the strategic alignment model (SAM). However, there(More)
Research continues to try and pinpoint the etiological role of particular genes and brain structure in autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), but despite a host of biological, genetic and neuropsychological research, the symptom profile of pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs) are not yet linked to etiological theory. Debate continues around whether or not(More)
Access to oral health care for people living with HIV/AIDS is a severe problem. This article describes the design and impact of an Innovations in Oral Health Care Initiative program, funded through the Health Resources and Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau's Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) program, that expanded oral health-care(More)
The drumbeat of accountability has continued to permeate and reverberate within American higher education institutions for over twenty-five years, most notably in relation to student outcomes like retention, graduation rates, and student learning. All 50 states enforce some sort of reporting system within their public colleges and universities, and all(More)
This special session will report on the work of the ACM K-12 Computer Science Curriculum Committee, which recently completed the design of a K-12 model curriculum [1]. This session is a follow-up to our special session at SIGCSE 2003, which presented the first draft of that curriculum design. This session differs from that one by emphasizing the next steps(More)
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