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This paper analyses the role of distributed leadership and trust in online communities. The team-based informal ethos of online collaboration requires a different kind of leadership from that in formal positional hierarchies. Such leadership may be more flexible and sophisticated, capable of encompassing ambiguity and rapid change. Online leaders need to be(More)
376949967Original Articles Building trust and shared knowledge in communities of e-learning practiceBritish Journal of Educational Technology Building trust and shared knowledge in communities of e-learning practice: collaborative leadership in the JISC eLISA and CAMEL lifelong learning projects Abstract Trust and collective learning are useful features(More)
This study investigated the effects of a training package (written manual, individual training session, and ongoing verbal feedback) on middle school peer tutors' use of embedded, constant time delay procedures and on the learning outcomes for students with significant cognitive disabilities in general education settings. The study data showed that peer(More)
This study is a comparison of the embedded instruction of behavioral chains with more traditional (one-on-one massed trials in special education setting) instructional procedures for teaching behavioral chains to students with significant cognitive disabilities. Although embedded instruction has emerged as a promising potential instructional procedure, no(More)