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Wrestling with Matter: Origins of Intersubjectivity
  • Jill Gentile
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The Psychoanalytic quarterly
  • 1 April 2007
Recent theories of intersubjectivity attach primacy to the creation of meaning between subjects, obscuring the role of the material world to which both Freud and Winnicott attached significance. Yet,Expand
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Close but No Cigar
M y PATIENTwas a fifteen-year-old, pretty, coy, often sullen girl. I also consulted with her parents: her mother sexy, brash, fun; her father earnest and humorless. One day, I said to my youngExpand
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On Mattering, Materiality, and “Transitional Memory”: A Discussion of Jonathan H. Slavin's Essay
Jonathan Slavin interprets agency as a matter of mattering to an Other, proposing that agency, rather than memory, is “the glue of psychic integrity.” I suggest that Slavin, in making this argument,Expand
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Time may Change Us: The Strange Temporalities, Novel Paradoxes, and Democratic Imaginaries of a Pandemic
  • Jill Gentile
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Psychoanalytic…
  • 1 August 2020
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Trump, Freud, the Puzzle of Femininity—and #MeToo
Abstract Beneath Donald Trump’s repudiation of democratic values and practically all vestiges of Obama’s legacy (which has spurred a clamor to repudiate Trump) lies a repudiation of the feminine. ItExpand
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From Truth or Dare to Show and Tell: Reflections on Childhood Ritual, Play, and the Evolution of Symbolic Life
Hide-and-Seek The game starts with all players in a central location. One player is given the designation of “it.” There are two portions to the game: the hiding—all the players, except “it,” locateExpand
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On Spatial Metaphors and Free Association: Phallic Fantasy and Vaginal Primacy
Abstract The article ponders the growing appreciation for, and ubiquity of, metaphors of space in contemporary psychoanalytic thought and suggests that these metaphors might be understood as feminineExpand
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On Having No Thoughts: Freedom and Feminine Space
This essay explores the semiotic mystery tour at the heart of psychoanalytic free association. Its quest is to contemplate what remains unspoken and unsymbolized by our patients’ claims of “having noExpand
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Tugging at the Umbilical Cord: Birtherism, Nativism, and the Plotline of Trump's Delivery
Abstract There is a growing consensus among political analysts examining the relative roles of race, gender, class, and economic anxiety in the 2016 presidential contest: the race was about race. ButExpand
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