Jill Elizabeth Anderson

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SIR — Ours is a world in crisis. We are despoiling our habitat, outstripping our resources and failing to provide an acceptable living standard for much of the world's population. Although academic institutions are equipped to help remedy these problems by informing the leaders of tomorrow, they often fail to do so. Increasing pressure for specialization(More)
PROBLEM/CONDITION High-risk behaviors (e.g., cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and physical inactivity) and lack of preventive health care (e.g., screening for cancer) are associated with chronic disease- and injury-related morbidity and mortality. States use the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) to collect data about these(More)
Dedication For my parents, Jack and Donna Anderson, with love and in gratitude for their constant love and support. v Acknowledgements I would like to thank my faculty advisor, Dr. Mary Lynn Rice-Lively, for her support and encouragement during the course of this project and my course of study at the University of Texas at Austin. Many thanks also to Dr.(More)
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