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Custom notification of new releases in your field of interest Special offers and discounts 1 Healthcare decision makers in search of the best evidence to inform clinical decisions have come to rely on systematic reviews (SRs) of comparative effectiveness research (CER) to learn what is known and not known about the potential benefits and harms of(More)
Globally, surveillance systems showed an increasein norovirus activity in late 2012. Molecular datashared through the NoroNet network suggest thatthis increase is related to the emergence of a newnorovirus genotype II.4 variant, termed Sydney 2012.Healthcare institutions are advised to be prepared fora severe norovirus season.
* The TAB for the 104th Congress has not yet been appointed. The views expressed in this background paper arc not necessarily those of the Board, OTA Advisory Council, or individual members thereof. This paper was greatly aided by the contributions of many individuals. OTA staff extend special thanks to the workshop participants and to the many other people(More)
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