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Quitting smoking often results in weight gain. The causes of the gain are not known. The present study evaluated changes in calories, total sugars, sucrose, fat, protein, and nonsugar carbohydrates as well as changes in activity levels after quitting smoking. Ninety-five subjects were randomly assigned to either early (Week 2) or late (Week 6) quit dates.(More)
Insulin resistance (IR) is pathogenic for type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease (CAD). The K121Q polymorphism of the ENPP1/PC-1 gene is associated with IR. Our aim was to investigate the role of the 121Q variant on the risk of type 2 diabetes and CAD. Nondiabetic control subjects (n = 638), type 2 diabetic patients without CAD (n = 535), and type 2(More)
With the introduction of the New Deal and the Calman Report, the duration of higher specialist training will be halved. We have examined the effect of reduced on-call rotas on exposure to relatively uncommon out-of-hours emergencies in cardiothoracic surgery. Operations for post-infarction ventricular septal defect, aortic dissection or transection,(More)
Pennsylvania-based Tandem Learning designs training and education programs, with an emphasis on games-based learning and alternate reality games, for a wide variety of organizations and corporations. Founded by Koreen Olbrish, CEO, and Kristen Cromer, vice president of learning design, the company has been creating and rolling out e-learning content since(More)
Over the past two years, eLearn Magazine (a publication of the ACM) has grown at a good clip. As we prepare to roll into 2011, we wanted to reflect on these changes and let our readers and future authors know a little more about who makes up the eLearn Magazine community. The biggest segment of the eLearn Magazine community (just less than half), are(More)
DevLearn 10, a U.S.-based e-learning conference put on by eLearning Guild, took place November 3-5 in San Francisco. While a multitude of blog posts, web sites, and Twitter messages using the tag #dl10 have given various snapshots of the event, eLearn Magazine brings you this unique review of the coverage: 20 take-away ideas from the sessions, keynote(More)
The authors compared the intellectual, cognitive and academic abilities of 22 survivors of Reye syndrome attending normal schools with the sibling nearest in age as control. The British Ability Scales, visual and verbal IQ, short-term memory scales and attainment tests were administered to all children. Reye syndrome children as a group differed(More)