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Piriformis syndrome is an often overlooked cause of sciatica that typically responds to intramuscular local anesthetic and steroid injection. In this report, our patient presented with sciatica that responded poorly to epidural steroid injection and only transiently to piriformis injection. Surgical exploration of the sciatic nerve revealed a fascial(More)
Adrenal function was studied in 2 groups of intensive care unit (ICU) patients with varying degrees of illness, as determined by Acute Physiological and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE). The 15 seriously ill patients with high APACHE scores (greater than or equal to 25) had elevated Therapeutic Intervention Scores and increased mortality compared to the(More)
Sixteen Yorkshire swine weighing 15-20 kg were studied to compare the effects of suxamethonium, atracurium and vecuronium on intracranial pressure (ICP), heart rate (HR), arterial blood pressure (BP), and cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) in swine with normal or elevated ICP. In each animal an intracranial pressure-volume curve was produced by the inflation(More)
Eighty-four intubated, mechanically ventilated patients were prospectively evaluated for incidences of colonization and nosocomial pneumonias dependent on whether they received endotracheal suctioning by an "open" suction method vs. "closed" suction (Trach Care Closed Suction System) method. Results show that closed suctioning is associated with a(More)
PURPOSE To define clinically useful markers for determining the adequacy of resuscitation after hemorrhage. DESIGN Prospective study of 20 Yorkshire swine, using an established model for hemorrhagic shock in swine. BACKGROUND AND METHODS Clinically useful markers for assessing the adequacy of resuscitation after hemorrhage do not exist. We assess(More)
Hemorrhagic shock and closed head injury often accompany severe trauma. Hypertonic saline may be beneficial in these patients, but few have examined its properties when sufficient volume is infused to achieve sustained resuscitation. Solutions of 6% NaCl (HS), 0.9% NaCl (NS), 6% hetastarch (HE), and whole blood (WB) were used to resuscitate swine in(More)
Pregnancy represents a hyperdynamic state characterized by increased cardiac output, blood volume, and oxygen consumption. Valvular heart disease may blunt this response and, especially when associated with pulmonary hypertension, carries a high mortality. We report the hemodynamic variables as measured through the completion of labor, delivery and(More)