Jill Du Ross

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This paper reports a pilot study exploring mental health nurse prescribers' perceptions of barriers to prescribing independently but also includes perceptions of barriers to supplementary prescribing. Current prescribing practice as experienced by mental health nurses suggests a need to identify and highlight these barriers. A mixed methodology explanatory(More)
(6) Safe Drinking Water Committee “Drinking Water and Health”; National Academy of Sciences: Washington, DC, 1980; Vol. 2. (7) den Blanken, J. G. “Research on the Bacterial Population and Its Activity in Activated Carbon Filters and Its Influences on Drinking Water Quality”; Laboratory of Sanitary Engineering of the Delft University The Netherlands, 1978.(More)
Since 2002, the Royal Air Force (RAF) has been working towards developing role-related physical tests for use as an operational fitness test (OFT). The purpose of this study was to establish reliability of the OFT (comprising four tests), investigate gym-based tests as predictors of performance and establish performance standards. Fifty-eight RAF personnel(More)
Tin have been many changes in microscopic anatomy since this text first appeared in 1904, but it has been regularly revised and since 1920 it has been revised by various teachers. Even since the last edition in 1958 many advances, especially in electron micro-scopy and in histochemical and auto-radiographic techniques, have been recorded. The book has been(More)
  • Jill Du Ross
  • Journal of psychiatric and mental health nursing
  • 2015
Some mental health nurses have now been prescribing for their clients for several years. When suitably qualified they can prescribe the same range of medication as medical staff. Concern was expressed that nurse prescribers might become more like doctors and as a result would sacrifice their nursing skills. The views of those who have their medication(More)
Nurse prescribing has been embraced in many areas of nursing, but less so in mental health. Relatively few studies have been published in this field with even fewer asking clients who have their medication prescribed by a mental health nurse about their views. This paper reports findings concerning the mental health nurse prescriber-patient relationship. It(More)
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