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The Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) have been operating on Mars for more than three years. The extremely high reliability demonstrated by these rovers is a great success story in robotic design. This reliability comes at a high cost, however, both in the initial cost of developing the rovers and in the ongoing operational costs for their mission extensions.(More)
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With Wendy Wasserstein's untimely, early death from cancer in 2006 at the age of 55, critics mourned the passing of a woman hailed as one of the most successful female playwrights on Broadway. But when her most successful play, The Heidi Chronicles, was produced in 1989, I was among a number of U.S. feminist critics who decried Wasserstein's canonization,(More)
  • J Dolan
  • 2003
The forensic discipline of ignitable liquid and fire debris analysis is rapidly changing. Refinements in existing methods as well as development of new techniques are changing the routine methods of analysis. Optimization of existing extraction techniques and research into novel methods of extracting debris have improved the recovery of ignitable liquids(More)
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