Jill Bruns

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Our aim was to examine the potential of autologous perichondral tissue to form a meniscal replacement. In 18 mature sheep we performed a complete medial meniscectomy. The animals were then divided into two groups: 12 had a meniscal replacement using strips of autologous perichondral tissue explanted from the lower rib (group G) and six (group C) served as a(More)
The mechanical stabilizing effect of nine different orthotic devices on physiological and pathological plantar flexion/dorsal extension and horizontal rotation of the ankle joint subjected to artificial lateral ligament lesions was investigated in 20 cadaveric ankle joints under standardized conditions using an experimental apparatus. All of the braces(More)
We reviewed 25 patients in whom a MUTARS megaprosthesis with a conical fluted stem had been implanted. There were three types of stem: a standard stem was used in 17 cases (three in the proximal femur, nine in the distal femur and five proximal tibia), a custom-made proximal femoral stem in four cases and a custom-made distal femoral stem in four cases. The(More)
We report a case of bilateral osteochondritis dissecans of the medial trochlea femoris. Arthroscopic removement of loose bodies in the symptomatic left knee led to an excellent result; the untreated right knee showed effusion and locking one year later. This condition should be considered in the diagnosis of patellofemoral pain.
Biomechanical factors such as trauma or overweight are discussed in relation to the aetiology of osteochondral lesions. As a consequence of the possible influence of these factors on joint loading patterns the pressure distribution on the load-bearing ankle joint has been investigated in a cadaveric biostatic model. By creating different joint positions(More)
In a cadaveric biostatic model the pressure distribution at the weightbearing ankle has been investigated under different joint positions and stages of artificial lateral ligament dissection mimicking a supination trauma. The location of the transduced contact area, the size of these areas and amount of pressure were evaluated after application of axial(More)
In an experimental study using osteo-ligamentous preparations of ankle joints we studied the ligamentous kinematics of isolated ligament fibers of different lateral and medial ankle ligaments. Results demonstrate a different kinematic pattern of the ligaments depending on the joint position. The anterior fibula-talar ligament shows an anisometric(More)
Acute suppurative thyroiditis is an uncommon disorder, which has been associated with pre-existing thyroid disease, especially a multinodular goiter. We describe a case of a woman who presented clinically with an acute inflammatory condition of the neck. On CT examination, she had a triad of a multinodular goiter, a unilateral hypopharyngitis, and a(More)
Acute necrotizing myositis is described in a 22-yr-old man with clinically diagnosed Behçet's disease. Light microscopic examination revealed a prominently granulocytic-monocytic infiltration of the muscle with severe necrosis. An infectious (bacterial, fungal or parasitic) etiology could be excluded by specific staining techniques and by(More)