Jill Biggins

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to develop and validate an ex vivo model for the assessment of radiofrequency (RF) ablation of the pancreas. METHODS Porcine pancreata were used within 1 hour of sacrifice. RF was delivered to a premarked area in the center of the pancreatic head using a thermocouple-tipped multiprobe array. Four temperature presets(More)
This article is based on a presentation given at Congress 2001 in Harrogate. It focuses on the risks to perioperative team members arising from the production of smoke during electrosurgical and laser procedures. It identifies the sources and nature of the risks, the failure of masks to provide adequate protection and suggests the standards that need to be(More)
The water intake of rats was observed following subcutaneous administration of intra and extracellular thirst stimuli (hypertonic saline, polyethylene glycol, angiotensin, and isoproterenol) before and after chronic treatment with the anticholinesterase agent, diisopropyl fluorophosphate (DFP), and its arachis oil vehicle. Only hypertonic saline and(More)
  • Jill Biggins
  • British journal of perioperative nursing : the…
  • 2003
Surgical face masks have been worn for over a century. Their initial implementation was to reduce wound infection by reducing droplet spread from the surgical team's mouth and nose. More recently face masks have been worn to protect the surgical team from contamination from patients and hazards within the operating theatre. To facilitate this, a range of(More)
  • Jill Biggins
  • British journal of perioperative nursing : the…
  • 2002
More nurses are taking on the role of Surgical Assistant. In this article, Jill Biggins reports on her own experience of becoming a Registered Nurse Surgical Assistant in colorectal and general surgery. Jill explains how the role was developed, its tasks and responsibilities, the response of other perioperative practitioners to the role and how further(More)
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