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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to describe the socio-demographic, psychosocial, and social support variables that predict compliance to treatment regimens in HF patients. DESIGN AND SETTING Semistructured interviews were conducted on 82 patients at an outpatient heart failure clinic to gather data related to compliance behaviors. Five(More)
BACKGROUND Some patients receiving mechanical ventilation experience an intensified need to communicate while their ability to do so is compromised as the endotracheal tube prevents speech. Although the use of a communication board to enhance communication with such patients has been suggested, few descriptive or empirical studies have addressed the content(More)
BACKGROUND The literature supports nursing interventions to maximize communication in mechanically ventilated patients, yet limited research exists on patients' perceptions of the helpfulness of health care practitioner interventions to enhance communication. In addition, the level of frustration experienced by these patients has not been reported. Thus,(More)
This study examines the predictors of perceived health status among homeless adults with latent tuberculosis (TB) in Los Angeles, especially in relation to gender differences. Total, 415 men and women enrolled in a TB-adherence trial completed baseline assessments concerning health status. Results indicated that women were more likely than men to report(More)
Latino families have been reported to underutilize health care services compared with families from other ethnic backgrounds. As part of a community trial in a low income Latino population designed to decrease environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure in children with asthma in San Diego, we examined unscheduled medical care for asthma. Latino families (N(More)
This study examined the validity of the Arkansas urine test. One hundred ninety-four adolescents submitted an unannounced urine specimen monthly (for 6 to 8 months). Duplicate specimens were blindly tested with high agreement (kappa >90%). Sensitivity and specificity were estimated. In 68% of test runs, adolescents recalled taking INH within 24 hr of(More)
The objectives of this study were to investigate Tuberculosis (TB) knowledge, perceived risk, and risk behaviors in a sample of homeless persons with latent TB in the Skid Row district of Los Angeles. Particular emphasis was given to comparing these variables among homeless persons of varying ethnic backgrounds and among those who did and did not report a(More)
The objective was to test whether theoretical variables predict adherence to treatment for latent tuberculosis infection in high-risk Latino adolescents. 286 Latino adolescents, age 13-18 years, were recruited from 10 middle/high schools in San Diego County, San Diego, USA. Participants completed a baseline interview and up to 9 monthly interviews. The(More)
This study examined the potential effects of INH side effects and non-specific somatic complaints on medication adherence in 96 Latino adolescents participating in a controlled trial designed to increase isoniazid (INH) adherence. These participants (who received usual medical care) were interviewed monthly over 9 months. Participants were questioned(More)
In addition to challenges of adolescence itself, teens with asthma face demands of asthma management and risks of asthma sequelae, including fatalities. Few asthma educational programs specifically address their needs. In response to school nurse concern, this pilot study evaluated an adolescent asthma education program, the Power Breathing trade mark(More)