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BACKGROUND Depression and suicide are responsible for a substantial burden of disease globally. Evidence suggests that intimate partner violence (IPV) experience is associated with increased risk of depression, but also that people with mental disorders are at increased risk of violence. We aimed to investigate the extent to which IPV experience is(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence for a benefit of interventions to help women who screen positive for intimate partner violence (IPV) in health-care settings is limited. We assessed whether brief counselling from family doctors trained to respond to women identified through IPV screening would increase women's quality of life, safety planning and behaviour, and mental(More)
The prevalence of forced sex and its contribution to sleep difficulties among young Australian women aged 24-30 years (n=9,061) was examined using data from the 2003 Australian Longitudinal Study of Women's Health. The lifetime prevalence of reported forced sex was 8.7%. Significantly higher levels of recurrent sleep difficulties, prescription sleep(More)
In this article, we explore how Javanese women identify and speak of symptoms of depression in late pregnancy and early postpartum and describe their subjective accounts of mood disorders. The study, conducted in the East Java region of Indonesia in 2000, involved in-depth interviews with a subgroup of women (N = 41) who scored above the cutoff score of(More)
Numerous other colleagues provided valuable and extensive technical input, including: Feedback and comments received at these events were used to inform the development of this review. The SVRI would like to thank the UNFPA Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean for their vision and generous financial support for developing this review. Thanks(More)
Gender disparity in sleep difficulties in young adults may be driven by higher rates of affective disorders in women. This article investigated a range of factors as potential predictors of "difficulty sleeping" in 9,061 women aged 24 to 30 years, using survey data. Regression analyses and odds ratios showed that depression and anxiety symptoms were indeed(More)
BACKGROUND Intimate partner abuse (IPA) is a major public health problem with serious implications for the physical and psychosocial wellbeing of women, particularly women of child-bearing age. It is a common, hidden problem in general practice and has been under-researched in this setting. Opportunities for early intervention and support in primary care(More)
Acknowledgements These recommendations have been developed on behalf of the SVRI with input from consultations with sexual violence perpetration researchers from several global regions. They have been drafted by Rachel Jewkes, Elizabeth Dartnall and Yandisa Sikweyiya from the Gender & Health Research Unit of the Medical Research Council of South Africa,(More)
Access to health services is a fundamental aspect of the right to health. The violation of women's right to health-physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially, inherent in the experience of sexual violence is further compounded when victim/survivors are denied access to gender sensitive sexual violence services. This paper explores qualitative(More)