Jill A. Slater

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Students have specific learning style preferences, and these preferences may be different between male and female students. Understanding a student's learning style preference is an important consideration when designing classroom instruction. Therefore, we administered the visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinesthetic (VARK) learning preferences(More)
Violent behavior in psychiatric patients may result in long-term hospitalization. There is no FDA-approved psychopharmacologic treatment for aggression. In this study, 20 chronically aggressive hospitalized patients were administered 1 week of placebo followed by an open trial of increasing doses of propranolol. Patients who had an equivocal or definite(More)
ii DEDICATION This dissertation is dedicated to my husband, Bruce, and my adult children, Christy, Andrew, and Colin: I thank you for allowing me the freedom to pursue this goal, even though it meant fending for yourselves for meals, wading through papers piled high in every room, interrupting family times for trips to the lab, and living with a distracted(More)
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