Jill A Oliver

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Since plasma endothelin concentration increases with upright posture and decreases with volume expansion, a study was conducted to test whether activation of the baroreceptor reflex releases endothelin into plasma. The effect of passive upright tilt on the plasma concentrations of endothelin and vasopressin was examined in: (1) normal subjects; (2) patients(More)
The researchers examined the effects of reducing attentional demands on reading comprehension test scores. Third grade students (N=939) completed two forms (T & S) of the Stanford 9 Reading Comprehension Test (54 items, 50 min.) in the spring of 1999. Form T (state-mandated) was administered following standardized procedures in one session. Form S(More)
Controversy exists as to how many of the newer diagnostic procedures should be used to evaluate stress incontinence. Urethral closure pressure, uroflowmetry, barium paste, and chain cystograms may be unphysiologic and studies that are not required preoperatively for every patient. Two hundred fifty-three cases in this study were evaluated by history, stress(More)
One hundred and seventy-eight patients with renal cell adenocarcinoma were classified by stage and treated by radical nephrectomy. A transabdominal approach was used in 92% of cases and lymphadenectomy was not performed unless ipsilateral hilar nodes were involved. Survival rates are presented in the form of life-table curves. These curves indicate that(More)
The PoET (Prevention of Error-based Transfers) Project is one of the Ethics Quality Improvement Projects (EQIPs) taking place at William Osler Health System. This specific project is designed to reduce transfers from long-term care to hospital that are caused by legal and ethical errors related to consent, capacity and substitute decision-making. The(More)
Soft tissue coverage for avascular wounds is necessary in reconstructive surgery. Several authors have demonstrated successful treatment of problem wounds using artificial dermis. This study evaluates in an animal model the potential for neovascularization of artificial dermis in devascularized and avascular wound beds. Forty rats were assigned to four(More)
We know that errors related to consent, capacity and substitute decision-making can lead to transfers from long-term care to hospital that seniors do not want and cannot benefit from. Three ethics quality improvement projects were launched to minimize errors in decision-making to work towards providing care residents want and can benefit from. We learned(More)
Partial colpocleisis, in comparison with complete colpocleisis, offers several advantages. The most obvious advantage is the avoidance of recurrent prolapse in sexually nonactive, older patients. Historically, colpocleisis has been reported to produce stress incontinence, which may be avoided by partial colpocleisis. Careful attention to avoiding anterior(More)