Jill A Bennett

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Mediators and moderators are variables that affect the association between an independent variable and an outcome variable. Mediators provide additional information about how or why two variables are strongly associated. In contrast, moderators explain the circumstances that cause a weak or ambiguous association between two variables that were expected to(More)
Women with cancer are significantly more likely to fall than women without cancer placing them at higher risk of fall-related fractures, other injuries and disability. Currently, no evidence-based fall prevention strategies exist that specifically target female cancer survivors. The purpose of the GET FIT (Group Exercise Training for Functional Improvement(More)
The influence of schooling and literacy on cognitive test performance has both theoretical and practical importance. However, it is usually impossible to find populations where the relative influence of these two factors can be distinguished. Among the Cree of Northern Canada literacy in a syllabic script is widespread, and exists independently of formal(More)
OBJECTIVE The study examined whether couples coping with prostate cancer participating in a partnered exercise program-Exercising Together (ET)-experienced higher levels of physical intimacy (i.e., affectionate and sexual behavior) than couples in a usual care (UC) control group. METHOD Men and their wives (n = 64 couples) were randomly assigned to either(More)
Drawing on the Developmental-Contextual Model (Berg & Upchurch, 2007), we examined the association between changes in patient physical health (pain severity and physical function) and changes in depressive symptoms in couples with lung cancer over a 12-month period. Patients and their spouses or partners (n = 77) were recruited using rapid case(More)
IN 1647 CHRISTOPHER WREN, then fifteen years old, stayed for a time at the home of the physician, Royalist, and friend of William Harvey, Sir Charles Scarburgh. The evidence for this comes from two letters written by Wren, one to his father, the other to the mathematician William Oughtred. Both letters were printed in Parentalia.I From them we know that(More)
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