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  • J Ren, R White
  • 1995
"A dynamic urban model is used to study the post-war evolution of the Atlantic Canada urban system. The computer-based simulation model is calibrated for the period 1951-86 and then employed to predict the 1991 population of each CMA and CA within the system. The simulation results show that, to a large extent, the evolution of the system can be understood(More)
Influenced by the earth magnetic field, there will exist the irreversible reorientation of domain organization with the characteristic of magnetostriction in internal organization of the loaded ferromagnetic material. The different compressed loads are exerted onto the 20 steel and 40 steel specimens after annealling, which are then made into the(More)
To analysis the Stress-magnetization Effect on 18CrNi4A steel sample under the geomagnetic field, the mode of the sample and the air around it was constructed with the help of ANSYS, famous software of FEA. The stress and magnetic flux leakage distribution of the mode were given. The influences of stress concentration under the geomagnetic field on magnetic(More)
Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is a universal testing method, which is widely used in many fields. Thickness measurement is an important application of ECT. In this paper, numerical simulating by ANSYS finite element analysis software, the two-dimension model of ECT probe coil is built, the impedance variation of probe coil is acquired, and normalization to the(More)
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