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C19 -diterpenoid alkaloids are the main components of Aconitum duclouxii Levl. The process of separation and purification of these compounds in previous studies was tedious and time consuming, requiring multiple chromatographic steps, thus resulted in low recovery and high cost. In the present work, five C19 -diterpenoid alkaloids, namely, benzoylaconine(More)
Building energy consumption monitoring and management system plays a vital role in the advance of building energy conservation, because it offers abundant online real time data, which are mainly used to further analyze energy saving potential and put forward a feasibility methodology for implementation. In addition to its extreme importance in decreasing(More)
Data acquisition and transmission based on the Ethernet is a very popular solution in many different kinds of monitoring system. This paper introduces a chip W5100 which is with network interface. The chip integrates TCP/IP hardware protocol stack and supports a variety of network protocols. The internal structure of the W5100 and its register function are(More)
In this paper, a new type of U-type pile evacuated glass tubular solar collector filled with graphite has been proposed and investigated its thermal performance experimentally, and testing accuracy has been analyzed by the error analysis method. Following dynamic testing method, the outlet temperature and momentary efficiency equation of the collector were(More)
Based on the select criteria of the refrigerants for high temperature heat pump system, six selected refrigerants, R245fa, R245ca, R236ea, R123, R600 and R134a are used as working fluid of the high temperature heat pump. Three kinds of multi-stage refrigeration circulations, i.e. two-stage compression cycle with one subcooler, two-stage compression cycle(More)
Aiming at increasing the performance of fuzzy control and keeping a fuzzy controller maintain an ideal given track to its objective value, and also aiming at finding an easy way to abstract fuzzy control rule set for the complex controlled process, this paper presents a new fuzzy control method, namely model based self-abstracting rule fuzzy control method(More)
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