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In this paper, the energy efficient joint transmit beamforming is studied in the downlink of a single-cell multiuser distributed antenna system (DAS). A new power consumption model is defined at first, in which the backhauling power is taken into account. Then, we formulate a fractional optimization problem to maximize the system energy efficiency under the(More)
Various wireless networks have emerged and constituted a complex radio access network environment. In cognitive environment, network resources are always varying with time and space. When a mobile cognitive user with a multi-mode terminal generates a call request, how to select the best network? Considering that the traffic load varying with time, we(More)
In this article, we investigate uplink resource allocation in orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) systems that use distributed antennas. The multiple distributed receiving antennas motivate us to exploit the spatial diversity to maximize the achievable rate of the system. Given constraints on the subcarrier allocation and the power limit(More)
Joint bandwidth and power allocation for a multi-radio access (MRA) system in a heterogeneous wireless access environment is studied. Since both the number of users being served by the system and the wireless channel state are time-varying, the optimal resource allocation is no longer a static optimum and will change with the varying network state.(More)
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