Jijun Zhou

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BACKGROUND Foxp3 protein plays a critical role in mediating the inflammatory response and can inhibit the proinflammatory IL-23/IL-17 pathway. However, the molecular interplay of Foxp3 and the IL-23/IL-17 pathway in patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) remains unclear. To this end, we analyzed the expression patterns of Foxp3- and IL-23/IL-17(More)
IL-23 regulates myriad processes in the innate and adaptive immune systems, and is a critical mediator of the proinflammatory effects exerted by Th17 cells in many diseases. In this study, we investigated whether and how hepatitis B virus (HBV) causes liver damage directly through the IL-23 signaling pathway. In biopsied liver tissues from HBV-infected(More)
The existence of a 1.4-million-gallon chilled water thermal storage tank greatly increases the operational flexibility of a campus-wide chilled water system under a four-price time-of-use electricity rate structure. While significant operational savings can be expected, the complication in the rate structure also requires more sophisticated control over the(More)
CD4⁺ T cells serve as master regulators of the adaptive immune response to HBV. However, CD4⁺ T-cell subsets are heterogeneous, and it remains unknown how the antiviral agents affect the different CD4⁺ T cell subtypes. To this end, the expressions of signature transcription factors and cytokines of CD4⁺ T-cell subtypes were examined in hepatitis B patients(More)
Air-side economizer is broadly adopted in building HVAC design and operations. When the system is properly designed and the control sequence is properly implemented, air-side economizer provides significant energy savings. The design and operation basics of the air-side economizer are well understood and documented. However, some confusion and(More)
Energiministeriets forskningsudvalg for produktion og fordeling af el og varme Equivalent models of district heating systems for on-line minimization of operational costs of the complete district heating system Abstract The purpose of this research project has been to develop and test equivalent models of district heating (DH) systems with regard to on-line(More)
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