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In this paper we conduct a feasibility study of delay-critical safety applications over vehicular ad hoc networks based on the emerging dedicated short range communications (DSRC) standard. In particular, we quantify the bit error rate, throughput and latency associated with vehicle collision avoidance applications running on top of mobile ad hoc networks(More)
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication research has gained tremendous interest in recent years due to its importance in facilitating future active safety and telematics applications. However, with limited literature available, there is lack of understanding for modeling mobile-to-mobile channels in vehicular environments. In this paper, we conduct preliminary(More)
This letter studies the properties of the random neural networks (RNNs) with state-dependent firing neurons. It is assumed that the times between successive signal emissions of a neuron are dependent on the neuron potential. Under certain conditions, the networks keep the simple product form of stationary solutions and exhibit enhanced capacity of adjusting(More)
1/ f@-type spectral behavior has received cons iderable attention in the past few years because it arises from a w i d e range of nature phenomena. In this paper w e consider a f i l tered Poisson process model, and s h o w that this model gives rise to a power-law astable process if p < 1, or to a process with power-law a-stable increments if 1 < /3 < 3.(More)
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