Jiju Peethambaran

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Given a finite set of points S ⊆ R, we define a proximity graph called as shape-hull graph(SHG(S)) that contains all Gabriel edges and a few non-Gabriel edges of Delaunay triangulation of S. For any S, SHG(S) is topologically regular with its boundary (referred to as shape-hull(SH)) homeomorphic to a simple closed curve. We introduce the concept of(More)
In this paper, we present a fully automatic Delaunay based sculpting algorithm for approximating the shape of a finite set of points S in R2. The algorithm generates a relaxed Gabriel graph (RGG) that consists of most of the Gabriel edges and a few non-Gabriel edges induced by the Delaunay triangulation. Holes are characterized through a structural pattern(More)
We present a method to extract the contour of geometric objects embedded in binary digital images using techniques in computational geometry. Rather than directly dealing with pixels as in traditional contour extraction methods, we process on object point set extracted from the image. The proposed algorithm works in four phases: point extraction, Euclidean(More)
While random polygon generation from a set of planar points has been widely investigated in the literature, very few works address the construction of a simple polygon with minimum area (MINAP) or maximum area (MAXAP) from a set of fixed planar points. Currently, no deterministic algorithms are available to compute MINAP/MAXAP, as the problems have been(More)
In this paper, we present a Voronoi based algorithm for closed curve reconstruction and medial axis approximation from planar points. In principle, the algorithm estimates one of the poles (farthest Voronoi vertices of a Voronoi cell) and hence the normals at each sample point by drawing an analogy between a residential water distribution system and Voronoi(More)
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