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Arithmetic logic unit is the core of any CPU that can be part of a programmable reversible computing device such as a quantum computer. The major concern for ALU design ,using normal gates is heavy power consumption. The main reason for power consumption is the normal irreversible gates. In order to ensure low power design constraint a new type of gates(More)
  • J Kurian
  • 2002
The anaesthetic management a of 42-year-old woman with significant symptomatic cervical cord compression, who presented for emergency caesarean section, is presented. She declined to have general anaesthesia in any circumstance and had the surgery conducted under spinal anaesthesia, without developing any postoperative neurological deterioration. The(More)
PURPOSE To present an unusual case of profound postoperative hypoglycemia resulting in irreversible brain damage in a malnourished patient. CLINICAL FEATURES A 56-yr-old malnourished woman underwent laparotomy for intestinal obstruction under general anesthesia. Five hours postoperatively she was found to be unresponsive with an immeasureably low blood(More)
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