Jijil J J Nivas

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We investigate laser ablation of crystalline silicon induced by a femtosecond optical vortex beam, addressing how beam properties can be obtained by analyzing the ablation crater. The morphology of the surface structures formed in the annular crater surface allows direct visualization of the beam polarization, while analysis of the crater size provides beam(More)
In the last few years femtosecond optical vortex beams with different spatial distributions of the state of polarization (e.g. azimuthal, radial, spiral, etc.) have been used to generate complex, regular surface patterns on different materials. Here we present an experimental investigation on direct femtosecond laser surface structuring based on a larger(More)
Irradiation of crystalline silicon with femtosecond laser pulses produces a variety of quasi-periodic surface structures, among which sub-wavelength ripples creation is largely studied. Here we report an experimental investigation and a theoretical interpretation focusing on the seldom considered issue of quasi-periodic, micron spaced grooves formation. We(More)
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