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Information hidden in the characteristics and relationship data of a cascade hydropower stations can be extracted by data-mining approaches to be operation rules and optimization support information. In this paper, with Three-gorge and Gezhouba cascade hydropower stations as an example, two operation rules are proposed due to different operation efficiency(More)
The flow induced vibration and energy extraction of an equilateral triangle prism elastically mounted in a water channel are investigated experimentally at different system damping ratios ζtotal with the constant oscillating mass Mosc and system stiffness K. A power take-off system with a variable damping function is developed. The translation-rotation(More)
Abstract: Super typhoon activity is likely to make the electric power network fail, or blow the wind-measuring device off, which all lead to the yaw control system of wind turbine being inactive. Under this condition, blades can be blown by the violent side wind from unfavorable directions, and the aerodynamic loads on the wind turbine will be increased by(More)
Because offshore wind turbines are high-rise structures, they transfer large horizontal loads and moments to their foundations. One of the keys to designing a foundation is determining the sensitivities and laws affecting its load-bearing capacity. In this study, this procedure was carried out for a new high-rise cap pile group foundation adapted to the(More)
As flood water is discharged from a high dam, low frequency (i.e., lower than 10 Hz) noise (LFN) associated with air pulsation is generated and propagated in the surrounding areas, causing environmental problems such as vibrations of windows and doors and discomfort of residents and construction workers. To study the generation mechanisms and key(More)
Temperature-control curtain (TCC) is an effective facility of selective withdrawal. Previous research has estimated the influence of TCC on the outflow temperature, but its effect on the thermal structure of a reservoir area is unknown, which is crucial to the reservoir ecology. For this purpose, taking the Sanbanxi Reservoir as a case study, a 2-D(More)
Catastrophic flooding resulting from extreme meteorological events has occurred more frequently and drawn great attention in recent years in China. In coastal areas, extreme precipitation and storm tide are both inducing factors of flooding and therefore their joint probability would be critical to determine the flooding risk. The impact of storm tide or(More)
Artificial air entrainment has been widely used to avoid cavitation damage in spillways where high-velocity flow occurs, and its performance is very important for spillway safety. In order to evaluate the performance of the aeration system in the spillway tunnel of the Jinping-I Dam, which is the highest arched dam in the world to date, systematic prototype(More)
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