Jiing-Yih Liou

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Laboratory incubations of coal-tar waste-contaminated sediment microbial communities under relatively controlled physiological conditions were used to interpret results of a field-based stable isotope probing (SIP) assay. Biodegradation activity of 13C-benzene was examined by GC/MS determination of net 13CO2 production and by GC headspace analysis of(More)
Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is an industrial chemical that has become disseminated globally in aquatic and terrestrial habitats, humans, and wildlife. Understanding PFOA's biodegradability (susceptibility to microbial metabolic attack) is a crucial element in developing an informed strategy for predicting and managing this compound's environmental fate.(More)
Island barriers are common features along the world coastlines. They have a crucial role in protecting inland and rich lagoonal ecosystems. Erosion and sand transfers on these island barriers during extreme events such as tropical storms or typhoons remain poorly investigated. This work focuses on a multi-scales analysis (season to decade) of the(More)
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